41-Keyless Wilhelm Bruder Söhne No. 3790

Holmes Bruder

Believed to date from c.1935 this organ was built in Waldkirch, Germany. Designated as catalogue model number 77, these instruments were described as ‘Starkton’ organs – an instrument with rich and powerful tone! They were expressly designed for use in smaller amusement rides, and at a favourable price of manufacture. This particular example spent its working life in West Germany before being imported to the UK by enthusiast and collector Jonathan Holmes in 2009. Mr Holmes retuned the instrument to working condition over the coming years and exhibited it at many West Country steam fairs and events. Following his passing in 2020 the organ was bequeathed to the Amersham Fair Organ Museum so that the public could continue to enjoy its unique tone and musical repertoire.

This instrument is currently undergoing restoration work; we hope to have it on display at the Museum very soon.

Holmes Bruder

Photograph: Jonathan Holmes

41-keyless Bruder 3790 playing: Hollywood Jazz Foxtrot – Eugen Bruder